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EquiForum 99

Speakers' CV

Dr. Doug Butler

Dr. Butler's ability to simplify detailed information into workable solutions for horse professionals makes him one of the farrier industry's most sought-after speakers and best-selling authors.
Using his advanced education combined with 30 years of pratical experience, Doug assist professional farriers, veterinarians, and horse owners with their challenging cases.
His books include The Principles of Horseshoeing II, the most widely used textbook worldwide on the subject of farriery.

Dr. Robert Eustace

Robert Eustace graduated from Liverpool University in 1977.
He spent nine years in equine practice in the UK, Eire and Australia before returning to Liverpool as a lecturer in equine studies.
He gained RCVS Certificate qualifications in equine practice and equine orthopaedics and gained the Diploma of Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1992 for his thesis "Radiological parameters involved in the prognosis of equine laminitis".
In 1988 he established the Laminitis Clinic as a self-funding treatment centre for lameness cases particularly those affecting the lower limb.
A new plastic and steel shoe has been developed at the Laminitis Clinic for the treatment of laminitis, founder and sinker cases. In 1993 the Clinic moved to purpose built premises in Wiltshire.

Grant Moon

Served a four year apprenticeship in Wales doing "hands-on" farriery with Mr.S.Langford while also attending a series of 6, six-week courses at the British School of Farriery offering theoretical and therapeutic classes.
At the end of the apprenticeship, he took the Worshipful Company of Farriers Diploma examination passing with honors so that he could become licensed to shoe horses in Great Britain, hence the DWCF title.
In 1985, he took the the higher examination of Worshipful Company of Farriers on therapeutic and corrective shoeing and passed this test with distinction. This gives him the AWCF title (Associate Worshipful Company of Farriers).
The Worshipful Company of Farriers controls the training of farriers in Great Britain and has been the governing body since 1356.
In 1991 he became a consultant and clinician to the Mustad Nail Company.
He has taught many seminars in foreign countries, trying to improve the fundamentals of horseshoeing, so enabling better hoofcare. At the same time he has helped to develop the Mustad line of farriers tools and the Mustad/Capewell lines of horseshoes.