SPACE Come migliorare la robustezza degli zoccoli del vostro cavallo?

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EquiTech 99


Life Data Labs

Life Data Labs, Inc. is a family owned business and has been in existence
for more than twenty years.
It was established in 1973 with the purpose of determining equine
nutritional deficiencies by performing laboratory tests.
Farrier's Formula, their flagship product, is the result of extensive testing
and was the first hoof supplement to be tested and marketed.
It is the only nutritional product of its kind that has both specific field
research and independent university research standing behind the name.
Life Data Labs' Farrier's Formula is the number one recommended product
by farriers in the United States and has been the number one product for
seven consecutive years. Marketed worldwide, approximately one-third of
sales are international. Life Data ships to the UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico
middle East, and Japan.
They are sponsoring Dr. Doug Butler.
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Mustad has produced horseshoe nails since 1898.
Today they are the leading horseshoe nail producer worldwide.
They are also becoming a complete supplier of hoofcare products. And in
addition to the nails, studs and therapeutical horseshoes, their
assortement now also includes farrier tools and horseshoes.
They are sponsoring Mr. Grant Moon.
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Di Benedetto

Di Benedetto Srl imports and distributes farrier and horsecare products by the most important companies worldwide. It provides sales and service support throughout Italy.
You can know more about us in the company page (under construction).

Double S

They are the Italian market leader for quarter horse shoes, both iron and
aluminum made. They also manufactures barrel shoes, slider shoes, gas
forges, aluminum boxes, hoof repair kit, chaps, hoof pads and high quality
hoof knives.


A fast growing company that produces copper and brass horseshoes.